Cashback FAQs

No. THE UNLIMITED CASHBACK is absolutely FREE for The Unlimited family to use. We’re in the business of giving you Real CASHBACK.

Joining THE UNLIMITED CASHBACK is free and easy for The Unlimited family. Simply register on 

THE UNLIMITED CASHBACK is a shopping platform that gives you Real CASHBACK for your shopping.

Currently, only in sunny South Africa.

Your privacy is very important to us at THE UNLIMITED. We will not share your details with anyone other than stipulated in our terms and conditions and privacy policy.


Snapping FAQ'S

Yes, as long as the till slip has not been uploaded by another user’s account.

Once you have successfully snapped your till slips and they have been processed, your cash back will go into your THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK wallet. You can then cash out as much of your available cash back as you want (as long as it’s greater than R50 and you have snapped at least 5 coupons). You can cash out via eft or instant cash.

Click “Snap Till Slip” when logged into your profile. You need to snap the entire slip in every detail from the very top edge to the bottom edge of the till slip. Take multiple photos of long till slips.


You need to visit “My Wallet” when logged into your profile. When in My Wallet, click on “Transaction History” to see why it was rejected. If your snapped till slip is rejected, your offers will stay booked for a further 48hrs to allow you to snap your till slip again properly.

We want you to get the feel for how easy it is to start snapping your till slips, so we're giving you R5 just to snap any till slip you have. This is only for users who have never snapped a till slip. This does not constitute a first valid snap, it’s just so you can see how the snapping process works.

Anyone who successfully snaps their first real till slip, after booking and buying items featured on THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK, will automatically receive a bonus R5 in addition to the cash they get back on the slip they submitted. The additional R5 will be added to your wallet upon approval of your till slip and will appear in your transaction history. Remember, you can also earn R10 on your first snap from a selection of unique deals at sign-up.


Coupon FAQ's

Yes you can! As long as we can verify your online slip with an invoice number, vat number, date & time, you can snap it.

Yes, you need to book the coupon, buy the product(s) and snap your till slip within 48hrs of booking the coupon in order to get cash back.

No, you don’t. You can decide how many you would like to use. We’ll approve the amount you snapped accordingly.

Easy! When browsing the list of offers, simply click “Book Offer” and follow the prompts.

Click on the coupon image and you will find all information about the offer such as where you can buy the product and other useful info. We highly recommend that you check the offer details before buying the products to avoid any misunderstandings.

When coupons on a particular product have been all booked out by other users you can request to be notified if one becomes available if they don’t use it. If so, the offer will automatically be placed in your booked list and you will be notified. NB: Please don’t buy or wait for these items to become available as your other booked items could expire and there is no guarantee more offers will become available at all. This feature does not apply to locked offers.

Unless it’s specified on the coupon, you can only use the coupon once.

Money Makers are our super coupons that we will push up to, or over 40% cash back. Money Maker coupons can occur at any time.

These are offers that contain more than one coupon per item. In other words, you can buy more than one of the item and get cash back on each one.

If you haven’t sent us a snap of your till slip after 48hrs of booking an offer, we assume you are no longer interested in the offer. The offer then gets released back into the system so that other snappers can use it. You can book it again, as long as the offer is still available.

Not to worry, if you don’t use all the Multiple Coupons available, they will be automatically re-booked for another 48 hours. E.g. If the maximum number of coupons for a Multiple Coupon offer is 4, and you use 1 coupon, the outstanding 3 would be automatically re-booked for you to use again after your snap gets approved.

Once you’ve booked a coupon, you have 48hrs to go buy that product in any leading national retailer where it is available and snap your till slip. Click on the offer image to get more information, such as where it can be purchased.

You can un-book coupons that you’ve booked at any time by clicking the book button again

Locked coupons are offers that can only be booked by people with the special unlock code. Sometimes you as a THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK user can get the unlock code by clicking on the offer and following the link.

An offer is just another name for a coupon which gives you cash back for buying a particular product.

You need to send us a snap of your till slip to prove that you purchased the product. Click “Snap My Till Slip” when logged into your profile. 

You need to snap your till slip to prove that you purchased the product.

We load new cash back coupons every week at different times. Remember that coupons are being released back onto THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK all the time because some users aren’t redeeming their booked offers within the 48hr period.

You can buy the products that are on offer with THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK at national retailers. Click on the offer image to see information about where the offer is available. Sometimes, specific stores may not be in stock of a particular product.


My Wallet FAQ's

First make sure the cell number you signed up to THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK with is the number you are currently using. If you have waited a few minutes and still have not received the SMS, please try turning your phone off and on again; this delay sometimes occurs on the CellC network.

You will not be able to cash out monies in your wallet if you have not uploaded a till slip for 365 or more days and if THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK ceases to operate for any reason at any point in time.

Once you cash out from THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK and have received your Instant Cash SMS, you will need to contact Standard Bank Instant Money department directly for assistance if you encounter any issues at the ATM. Call 0860 466 639. Their lines are open from 8am to 8pm on Mon-Fri and 8am to 5pm on weekends and public holidays.

Drop us a mail with your cell number and the name of the account you want deleted to and we’ll assist you.

Your cash back in your THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK wallet is valid for 1 year from the date of your last login to your THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK profile.

You can add up to 5 bank accounts in your wallet which you can use to cash out.

Extremely secure! We don’t store your details on our servers so there is no way anyone can get to them. Once you input your details, your account number is encrypted, so not even we can see your details when a transfer is made.

We process EFT payments in batches. View our next payment date on our blog here.

Yes, when you first join THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK you need to reach at least R50 in your wallet to cash out (AND have snapped 5 coupons). This does not include your dummy 'R5' till slip. After your first cash out, you need to have at least R25 in your wallet to cash out at any time.

Drop us a mail at and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

You will be notified 2-3 days after we process all EFTs. If your EFT bounces or fails, please send a quick mail to and we will assist you. It is likely that you entered your account number incorrectly.

A super snapper is someone who snaps 10 or more approved coupons in a calendar month. If you do this, you will be sent a notification and exclusive deals will be unlocked for you from the 7th of the following month (note: coupons must be uploaded in the calendar month, but they may only be approved in the following month).

You can use Instant Cash to cash out even if you don't have a bank account. You'll get a pin code SMS'ed to your registered cell number and you can go draw your cash out of any Standard Bank ATM.

You can cash out up to R500 a day using instant cash outs.

Your wallet balance is the amount of cash back that you have available in your THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK wallet. Your lifetime earnings is the total amount of cash back that you have earned since registering with THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK.

When you signed up to THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK your cell number was saved to your profile - the instant cash SMS will be sent to this cell number. If you have changed you cell number for any reason since joining THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK, please email us to update it for you:

Every bank charges a standard transfer rate of around R2,50 per transfer into your account. We do our best to keep this charge as low as possible, but it is not in our control.

Instant cash outs are limited to weekdays from Monday 8am to Friday 5pm.


Account FAQ's

No, opening multiple THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK accounts is strictly forbidden. Any user found to have more than one account will have their wallet frozen and will not be able to cash out. If you are using more than one account, please contact us to rectify the situation.

Simply log on to the THE UNLIMITED CASH BACK using a different phone, go to your profile and change your password at the bottom of your profile page. Alternatively drop us a mail to and we’ll gladly assist you.

Simply go to the login screen on the website and click “I Forgot My Password” and follow the prompts to reset your password.

Please let us know if your cell number has changed so we can update it on your profile, allowing you to receive SMS's when using instant cash outs. Send your old and new number to

Some brands we partner with will sponsor a cash back coupon in exchange for info, but only if you agree. You’ll get prompted to agree to share specified info when you book the coupon. If you don’t want to share info just close the window and go back to booking other coupons. We will never share info without you agreeing explicitly. The info you choose to share is always protected by the PoPI act & can only be used for the purpose you agree to.

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