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Companies who use the debit order system choose whether they want to use DebiCheck, or not. If they choose to use DebiCheck, you'll receive an electronic request to confirm the debit order information. Remember that if you don’t confirm the mandate electronically, your product/service provider can still debit your account.

It's important to remember that all debit orders must have mandates. Check your bank statement regularly to ensure you're aware of all debit orders that are being processed to your account. Also make sure that you've given a mandate for each of those debit orders. For DebiCheck debit orders, your bank will now also have electronic confirmation of you agreeing to the debit order.

Debit orders requiring electronic confirmation with your bank are called DebiCheck debit orders. The Unlimited has subscribed to the DebiCheck system to ensure that our customers are always protected. It’s the right thing to do and The Unlimited is proud to be part of the solution to safeguard our family.

For DebiCheck debit orders, you will receive an authentication request from your bank to electronically confirm the debit order information relating to your new policy / membership. Your bank will then verify the information before the debit order is processed to your account. Your bank verifies information such as Name, ID Number etc. If the information matches, and you confirm this to your bank, then the DebiCheck debit order is processed. If the information doesn’t match, or if you do not confirm then information to your bank, then a normal debit order will be processed until we can authenticate you for a DebiCheck collection. We want to debit you through DebiCheck as it keeps you safe, so we will assist you through the process. We’re here if you need us. Give us a call.

DebiCheck allows you to confirm the debit order information with your bank, at the start of your new membership, for example with The Unlimited. This means that your bank will now have a record of all your DebiCheck debit orders and will be able to verify the information before the debit order is processed to your account. Currently, banks don’t have a record of your debit orders and therefore cannot verify that the debit order information is correct before they allow a deduction from your account. Please remember that if you don’t confirm a debit order through the DebiCheck process, this does NOT mean that your account won’t be debited. As you have given your product / service provider a valid mandate, for example on the phone, your account will still be debited with the fee payable to your provider.

You'll only need to confirm your debit order information when you start a new membership with The Unlimited. However, if the debit order information that you confirmed changes (example your banking details, address, etc.), your bank will ask you to confirm the new information.

DebiCheck will require an additional action from you – electronically confirming the debit order information with your bank. In many instances, your cellphone will be used for this confirmation, in which case you will need to make sure that your bank has your correct cellphone number. This is very important!

Telecommunication / cellphone costs will depend on a number of factors, for example whether you use the USSD option or your banking app to confirm the DebiCheck mandate. It will also depend on your mobile network costs.

For more information on bank fees, please contact your bank directly.

For existing debit orders – nothing. For a new membership with The Unlimited from the 1st of May 2021, it will be a DebiCheck debit order, you will need to check and confirm the new debit order information in the manner requested by your bank. This could either be in person (face-to-face), using online banking or your banking app or remotely by call centre or a request sent via your cell phone. Your bank will send you the relevant information.

To electronically confirm your debit order (for DebiCheck) means that you electronically confirm the details of your debit order, either on your banking app, internet banking at an ATM or via a message you get from your bank on your cell phone. Your bank will let you know which options are available for you to use.

Your bank will have information handy to assist you with any questions you may have. You can also find more information on

DebiCheck is the name for a specific type of debit order. A DebiCheck debit order is one that you confirm, electronically (at the start of your membership with The Unlimited). Its purpose is for you to confirm the details of the debit order with your bank before it is processed to your bank account.

DebiCheck debit orders are debit orders that you confirm (authenticate) electronically. Its purpose is for you to confirm the details of the debit order with your bank before it is processed to your account. Other debit orders are not confirmed electronically. Note that as you have given a valid mandate to your product/service provider, a non-DebiCheck debit order will still go off your account.

During the last couple of years debit order abuse has increased. On the one hand, there has been an increase in the number of debit orders being processed to consumers’ bank accounts without their consent. On the other hand, consumers have increasingly been disputing debit orders which they actually have agreed to, mostly to manage their cash flow. For these reasons, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) decided to review the debit order landscape and during 2013 instructed the Payments Association (PASA) and the banks to address these issues. DebiCheck aims to address both issues by introducing electronic consumer confirmation for all DebiCheck debit orders.

This is definitely a long-term goal for the SARB and the Payments Association of South Africa (PASA). Unfortunately, due to the number of debit orders and entities involved in these processes, this will have to be done in a phased approach.

DebiCheck puts you in control of your new debit orders. You will have the comfort of knowing that DebiCheck debit orders must be processed within the agreed conditions that you have confirmed when you signed up for your membership with The Unlimited.

It ensures that you are in control of and aware of debit orders being processed to your bank account. Additionally, it provides The Unlimited, with the comfort of knowing that you have acknowledged and are aware of the debit order. It also allows your bank to record the debit order information and to check the information before they process the debit order to your account.

All debit orders processed against your bank account must have mandates, however they may not necessarily be subject to DebiCheck confirmation. Only new memberships, which require a new debit order, will be subject to a DebiCheck electronic confirmation.

No debit orders can be processed to your bank account without a mandate. A mandate is the permission you give to a product/service provider to debit your bank account, for example the mandate you gave to The Unlimited when you bought a membership from us. You might’ve signed up for the product, or membership, several years ago already.

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