When you log a claim, we’ll provide a list of panel beaters in your area.

  1. Access the online claim form.
  2. Complete the form in full and submit it to us.
  3. You will receive an automated email with instructions on how to complete your claim.
  4. You will need to get quotes from two authorised repair centres in your area. These must be submitted to us as part of the claims process.
  5. All claims details must be submitted to the email address provided. Once both quotes have been received your claim will be opened and assessed within 48 hours.

If you have any questions call us on O861 99O OOO. We are happy to offer assistance at any stage of the process.

You may use the maintenance benefit after your second successful consecutive debit payment.

Roadside Assistance is available after your first successful debit (provided that this is included in your policy).

You can update your car’s details at any time. However, the waiting period of two successful consecutive monthly debits will re-apply. When you submit your next claim, you will also need to submit proof of ownership of your new car.

Please note that if you get a new car you will not be able to claim for pre-existing damage, as this is part of the introductory 90-day offer for new memberships only.

Call us on O861 99O OOO and an agent will help you.