The Bad

An Honest Company Admits and Fixes its Mistakes

We’ll always tell you the truth. An honest company won’t hide mistakes – here’s how being an honest company helps us shift lives so everybody wins.

When things go wrong, it pays to be honest and always tell the truth. Most businesses would like to tell you only the good stuff. We believe that the only way forward is being an honest company. That’s why you can trust us to share everything.

Sometimes we get it wrong

It’s a fact. We can’t always be right. Business is complicated. We have suppliers, staff and customers – and we need to balance all of them to make sure we’re doing everything right to give you, our valued customers, a better life. Things do go wrong sometimes and, as an honest company, we don't blame others for our mistakes. We admit when we’ve made a mistake and make things right as soon as possible. It’s not about the mistakes we make, it’s about how we deal with them, so you have confidence knowing that you are part of a trustworthy, honest company that operates with integrity.

What we believe

At The Unlimited, we understand that mistakes are opportunities to learn. Mistakes are also opportunities to communicate with you and find out exactly how we made our mistake and how we can improve. It’s only from our mistakes and being honest about them, that we can continue to be transparent and to improve our service and strengthen our relationship with you.

We promise to make things better

You can also expect wonderful things from us. Our purpose is to shift lives, which means we continuously look for ways to do things that will move you and your family forward. We promise to keep working to make things a little better for everyone and to add value to your life.

How we strive to stay an honest company

We believe the only way for things to get better for everyone is if we create an environment where everyone wins. You can always expect the truth from us, even when it’s not so pretty. We will always be honest. We’ve even created this visible platform on our website where we only share the truth – be it good or bad. See for yourself, read other articles in this Naked Truth section.

Would you like to deal with an honest company?

Would you like to deal with a company that is honest enough to say, “We got it wrong. We’re sorry. But we made it right.” Would you like to know that you can safely put your trust in an honest company that regards you as family?

If you want to be part of The Unlimited Family, have a look at our awesome products and benefits. And sign-up right now!

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