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A Better Future – This is How The Unlimited Puts People Before Profit

From adjusting premiums and payment holidays to paying people during the Covid-19 pandemic – here’s how The Unlimited puts people before profit.
Payment holidays. Adjusted premiums. And investing money so even commission-earning team members could keep working during Covid-19. We at The Unlimited believe that family takes care of each other. That’s why we put people before profit. And here’s how we proved it during the recent pandemic.

We didn’t cut salaries during Covid-19
Many companies retrenched their staff or cut their pay. Not at The Unlimited. We are a family of millions – that includes you, our valued customers, our employees and sales teams. We realise we have a responsibility for 1 500 families, just through our employees alone. So, we said there is no way we would cut salaries during lockdown. Instead, we invested in new tech so that everyone could keep working from home.

We even helped those who only work on commission to get set up, so they could keep working. Why? Because we all need to work to make a living. So, we say: If you can enable people to keep providing for their families, that’s the right thing to do – people come before profit.

We helped clients during the pandemic
And the same people before profit belief counted for our entire Unlimited Family. We do our best for each and every one of you every day. So, when some people couldn’t pay their premiums, we didn’t cancel them – we made a plan to help.

And, when some people phoned and said they really couldn’t afford their payments for a month or two, we gave them a payment holiday. That’s right, we kept them covered, but even better still, we said they didn’t have to pay for two months. Then, other people said they might lose income for a longer time, so we worked with them to adjust their monthly payments and cover to something affordable over the longer term. And, we made sure that they had full cover in case something unexpected happened.

Whatever the case, if someone phoned us and said they have a problem, we sat with them and worked out something that works for everyone. Because this only works if EVERYONE wins.

We believe everyone must win
The Unlimited’s purpose is to transform and shift lives. To do that, we have to do and offer things that move you forward. We can’t go back, we have to keep working to make things better.

The only way for things to get better for everyone is for us to find and apply the solutions where everyone wins. That means that with each of our products, we always look at how you can win first. We can’t just take your money, we have to make sure you get real value first. That’s putting people before profit.

Why put people before profit? For a sustainable future
And why do we do this? Because businesses can’t just take people’s money and not give something real and valuable back. If all businesses do that, soon we’ll have nothing left and then we can’t move forward as a country.

We at The Unlimited believe that if we give our Family real benefits that make their lives better, and help them move forward, then together we can achieve greater things. And that’s what we all want for South Africa. That’s why we give you double Data with The Unlimited SIM – so you get twice the amount you pay for. It’s the very reason we invest in Early Childhood Education – helping hundreds of thousands of children get a better education through The Unlimited Child.

We encourage and help entrepreneurs start their own businesses - that’s how we put people before profit. Always.

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