Staying safe during the COVID-19 lockdown

We’re living in extraordinary times that call for extraordinary actions from every one of us. As a business, The Unlimited has two main goals right now: (1) to protect our people; and (2) to carry on providing our customers with the best level of service, so they have less stress during this challenging period.

How we’re looking after our people

Our people and their families’ safety is very important to us. We fully support President Ramaphosa’s decision for a national lockdown, and we do believe it is the best course of action for our country and our teams. In order to keep providing our customers, who are our family, with the highest level of care, we’ve taken steps to help all our people work efficiently from home. Our customer care agents and our telesales teams are able to assist our customers from the safety of their own homes. They have all the necessary technology to help them perform at their best, so they don’t have to worry about being exposed to the COVID-19, or about how they can help our customers with queries and claims. Our sales agents have been trained and moved onto our virtual telesales platform so they can continue to earn a living during this crisis. We’ll continue to support them as they familiarise themselves with the technology and a new approach to working.

We’ve trained our staff on the logistics of working remotely from home, as this can present its own challenges, particularly when you’re used to working in an office environment. We’re supporting them through regular online meetings so we can check-in and make sure they’re coping with this new way of working, and to make sure they are able to look after themselves and their families during this time.

We’ve also ensured that our people were paid a few days earlier to make sure they could purchase everything they will need during lock-down, and we made sure they had time during the day to take care of the shopping they needed to do before the national shut-down. We’re aware many of our people need the flexibility to look after their children as well and are working with them to help them balance their workload and their family responsibilities.

How we’re looking after our customers

We know there is a lot of worry in South Africa right now. Our goal is to remove some of the stress from your lives. We’ve made sure that our call centre agents are still available to take your calls, help you with queries, and process your claims. In addition, you’re are able to chat with us on our website.

How we’re supporting businesses outside of our company

Our UConnect team has ensured that all our agents have data, connectivity, and they have supported the “work from home” effort. Not only that, but they’ve also set up two Businesses outside of The Unlimited, enabling them to continue to trade through our network. By doing this, an additional 100 families, outside of The Unlimited family, are able to look after their families over the lockdown. They’re also in talks with three other companies to support them as well.

We’re in this together

We’re proud of our incredible team at The Unlimited, they’ve shown that we can achieve great things when we work together, take leadership and are purpose-driven. They’ve shown true South African spirit these past few weeks as they’ve stepped up to the new challenges, embraced the new way of working, and the new technologies that we’ve implemented to help them serve our customers and community.

We encourage our people and our community to take this time to reflect on the things we take for granted, to hold their families closer, and to reach out and offer support where it is safe to do so to those in need during this challenging time. We fully understand that the next few weeks will be nothing short of challenging for our Unlimited families, but we believe that our ability to make it through this crisis is limited only by our attitudes, and our actions.

We strongly urge all members of our community to be READY, SMART, and KIND. Stay home as much as possible, only go out for groceries, and healthcare when absolutely necessary. When you’re outdoors, practice social distancing. Follow the hygiene practices recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), it will help to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Remember to practice unlimited love, caring, and support within your community — check in with your neighbours regularly via messages, keep a watchful eye on the elderly and infirm and make sure they have the supplies they need during the shut-down. Read to your children and find creative ways to keep them busy and safe indoors. Also please make sure that animals in your community are taken care of and have food, water and shelter – there is no proof that they spread Covid-19, they only spread love and comfort at a time when we need it most.

There is nothing stronger than a community that pulls together with a common goal. Please stay safe and well during this period, reach out to us with any questions, queries or claims, we’re here to help.

Regards, Woody

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