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Do you want your car to look its best? Keep it in great condition with affordable cover that looks after it, inside and out.

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*Incl. premium of R31.98 excl. VAT

Here's the deal

Get up to R4 000 for a maintenance benefit, which includes:

Scratch and dent repairs

  • Repair light scratches and minor dents on your car’s exterior.

Rims and mag repairs

  • Fix scuffs, stone chips or paint defects to keep your mags looking like new.

Free interior repairs

  • Restore and repair your centre console, dashboard or door panel plastic, and fix tears, burns and stitching on upholstery at no extra cost.

Tyre insurance*

  • Get up to R2 000 every 3 months to repair or replace your car’s tyres if they are damaged due to an accident or malicious damage.

Do you qualify?

To qualify, you must:

  1. Earn over R4,000 per month
  2. Have a South African ID.
  3. Have a South African bank account.

*The Tyre Insurance benefit is underwritten by Regent Insurance Company Limited (1966/007612/06).

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Product Details

*About your insurance benefits

  • Your tyre insurance benefit is underwritten by Regent Insurance Company Limited (1966/007612/06) and includes a premium of R31.98 excluding VAT.
  • You can start using the tyre insurance benefit after your second consecutive successful debit.

About your maintenance benefits

  • You can start using the maintenance benefit after your second consecutive successful debit.
  • Your first R4 000 can be used to repair approved pre-existing damages such as scratch and dent repairs, rim and mag repairs or interior repairs. This must be within the first 90 days and is part of an introductory offer to new members.
  • The free interior repairs benefit is included in your maintenance benefit at no cost to you.
  • There are limitations on the size of the interior damage.
  • Replacement parts or body panels and buckled, cracked or broken rims and mags are excluded.

General Information

  • You get up to R4 000 for your maintenance benefit and up to R2 000 for your tyre insurance benefit every 3-months over a 12-month period.
  • Your 3-month period is a 90-day period calculated from your first successful debit and every 90 days thereafter.
  • If you get a new car you can change your vehicle – however the waiting period of two successful debits in a row will re-apply.
  • If you get a new car, you will not be able to claim for pre-existing damage, as this is part of the introductory 90 days offer on a new membership.
  • If you get a new car, you need to submit proof of ownership when you next claim.



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