September 2014

We are a growing business and we interview many candidates but not everyone is successful. This letter was sent to our HR Director, Belinda Young, following an interview for a position in our Franchise Ownership Programme. We were blown away by the author’s honesty and her appreciation of the value she got out of the process.

Good day to you and your team Belinda

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to meet you at your Hillcrest office when I attended Martin’s as well as Justin’s presentations. I really enjoyed speaking to you about the three posters that showed the way your company’s mission has evolved since The Unlimited first started.

It was also great to hear you talk enthusiastically about how you started your own personal journey in the company – from being part of Events and working into Human Resources.

What really stayed with me after our conversation – was what you said – put people first. This statement has stayed with me since our meeting and I am excited to see the variety of positions that The Unlimited is still recruiting for as it grows in the financial services industry.

When I was turned down for my final interview with you – for the Franchise ownership position I was disappointed and quite sad. As I said to you – your working culture is immensely appealing to me.

I did then decide after a few weeks to get in touch with Kim Perfect, Nadia Adams and Bevan Lynch to ask them if I could get my personality assessment results – to learn from this interview experience.

What a surprise – they were all so accommodating and helpful. Bevan organised for me to call the industrial psychologist and she explained to me in detail what my results were and then also was allowed to send me a copy of them. The results have helped me to become more self aware of my strengths and also to identify my challenges more clearly.

I wanted to say – thank you. I appreciate that you and your team were willing to give me the time and effort to send me the assessment information and give me an opportunity to learn about myself. You and your team have shown me that – people do come first – at The Unlimited.

So I will continue to keep in touch and will hopefully be able to join your company as a valuable member of the team one day in the future.

Bevan, Kim and Nadia are professional, efficient staff members. You are a good leader to them and really passionate about the work that you are doing and that is very admirable.

Have a good day and send my best to your team.

Michelle Moodley



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