The quick answer is no. We have real customers that get real benefits from The Unlimited every day.

The Unlimited was established in 1994 and has since grown to serve over 750,000 customers and we have paid out R21 million in claims in 2018 alone. We help thousands of customers receive benefits from our unbeatable products every day. We are an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSB License No. 21473) and a member of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa. We provide job opportunities for approximately 1500 entrepreneurs. Apart from creating jobs, we also support early childhood education in South Africa through 1 365 creches supporting 204 666 children. This is part of our commitment to supporting children in need.

We'd love you to know a few things about the way we conduct business. These may be some of the reasons why some people think that we are a scam and post incorrect information about The Unlimited on social media..

1. We help our customers on social media with services they want. We want to keep it as simple as possible for our customers to contact us whenever and wherever it is the most convenient for them. So, we set up our Facebook account to do exactly that; help our customers as quickly as possible with whatever they may need.

2. We talk to over 1 million people in South Africa every month. Some get us and some don't. Some of our customer buy our products and then have second thoughts. We don't force anybody to buy our products and we always act in our customers' best interest. This means that if our customers want to cancel, we will happily do so. If our customers wish to add additional information or dependents they may. Our customers are always in full control. We don't want to sell anybody, anything that they don't need.

3. When a claim is rejected or incomplete. In order to keep your family safe and keep the cost of our products low, we must ensure that no fraudulent claims are made. This means that we have very clear terms and conditions and claim processes to follow. This policy is available on our website. Please contact us if you are unsure of the terms and conditions relating to your benefits.

4. We say sorry when we have made a mistake. We are the first to admit when we get it wrong with customer service, requests or claims. If this is the case, then we will try everything to make it right. We want you to contact us so we can fix it for you. We believe in telling you the whole truth and we even write about it on our blog: The Naked Truth. This is the platform we use to show how we got it wrong in the past and how we have made up for it.

5. When our sales agents are not clear or have misled a customer. This is very rare but it does happen. The Unlimited has a very large sales team that does an amazing job at getting our unbeatable products to our customers. However, from time to time we do get it wrong. All our calls are recorded for your protection and we have a dedicated Legal, Risk and Compliance team to investigate every complaint regarding our behaviour. Should you be unsatisfied with any of our agents, please let us know and the appropriate actions will be taken accordingly.

6. We're not on TV and radio at the moment. Many people may not have heard about The Unlimited because we don't spend on TV and radio advertising. This makes some people a bit concerned. We assure you that we have been around for more than 20 years and we are an accredited financial services provider.

7. We live by our values. The Unlimited lives by its 7 values: love, discipline, real, ownership, passion, restlessness and play. This is who we are and what we stand for. We'd love you to hold us accountable, should we disappoint you or not live up to those values. Help us to keep it real!



The Unlimited is an Authorised Financial Services Provider (FSP No. 21473). Address: 1 Lucas Drive, Hillcrest, Durban, South Africa.

The Unlimited abides strictly by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act of 2002


The Direct Marketing & The Direct Selling Associations of South Africa

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