August 2014

Over the past couple of days there has been a heated conversation about The Unlimited on a social media group page. Whilst there were some positive comments, there were also “nasty” remarks and for us, seeing this has been as painful as watching your child fall off their bicycle at top speed.

Here is some of the conversation.

The themes that were touched on were our customer and product experience, our transformational and leadership development workshops as well as our distribution business. ​

We apologise to anyone who has had a less than desirable product or customer experience with us. Today we have over 500 000 customers and it is unacceptable to hear that we have disappointed people with one of our products and/or a customer experience. ​

We invite anyone who feels they want to chat to us about this to contact us on These emails will go directly to our executive team who will personally follow up and respond to each query. ​

The majority of the posts were around our distribution business. The Unlimited is a sales and marketing company, predominantly focussed on marketing financial services products, emergency evacuation and health care related products. Our marketing is channelled through telesales as well as a door to door sales operation and yes, we completely agree with the comment that this is “not for the faint hearted”. ​

We believe that business in South Africa is responsible for creating social impact and building a better future for everyone. So the fact that our business creates employment for well over 1000 people, mostly young and from a market where South Africa is experiencing its biggest challenge with unemployment, makes us proud. ​

People who join this part of our business are generally just starting a career in sales and they are given the opportunity to set themselves up in their own franchise by going through our Franchise Development Programme. This opportunity is aimed at people who have an entrepreneurial outlook on their careers and who would ultimately rather work for themselves and be in control of their own growth and development, as opposed to the traditional route of working for someone else. Although our distribution business is challenging at first, it is also one of the most incredible environments to learn the basic skills of teamwork, dealing with customers, goal setting and planning, confidence, conflict handling, influencing and motivating others, public speaking and much more. ​

Thank you for bringing this to our attention as it is evident from the social media comments that there have been some not great and confusing experiences with our recruitment process. We have taken this to heart in a serious way and again, we invite you to share your experiences with us by emailing our executive team on

The last theme in the conversations involved our transformational and leadership development workshops. For more information in this regard, follow the link

To download more extracts from the conversations that took place.



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