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Love Days with The Unlimited Child: shifting lives together

At The Unlimited, we believe in doing good beyond just business. Our commitment to making a difference in the communities we serve is unwavering. One powerful way we do this is through our Love Days, where we collaborate with The Unlimited Child to renovate, refurbish, and improve Early Childhood Development Centres! Love Days give our people the opportunity to shift the lives of thousands of children across South Africa.

Transforming Early Childhood Development

The Unlimited Child is a non-profit organisation that helps to unlock potential in our nation’s children by giving them access to quality early childhood development (ECD). By empowering a network of over 4,400 ECD centres and coaching childminders to become ECD practitioners, the scalable programme equips children in underprivileged communities to learn through play, setting them on the path to success through a proper foundation in school and life. As the biggest and most effective ECD programme in South Africa, more than 9700 new ECD practitioners have been trained and over 1.7 million children have been made school-ready!

More than once a year

While many organisations invest in corporate and social responsibility initiatives, we're proud to take it a step further. At The Unlimited, we host multiple Love Days every year. These are days set aside in the calendar for our employees to unite and volunteer to visit one of The Unlimited Child’s crèches. We roll up our sleeves to plant veggie gardens, build sandpits and swings in the playground, paint beautiful murals on the walls, fix cracked windows and roof leaks, and spend time engaging with the children!

Our Massive Transformative Purpose

Our Massive Transformative Purpose is our reason for being and guides our actions at The Unlimited. It's a commitment to shifting lives, including those in our communities. Love Days are a living example of this purpose. Through each Love Day, we strive to Unlimit the lives and dreams of the children in those ECD centres. It's a testament to our belief that together, we can make the world a better place.

Making a lasting change

When we improve The Unlimited Child’s ECD centres, it creates a more conducive environment for the ECD practitioners to operate and for the children to learn and develop. And when these centres do well, so do their surrounding communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change that continues to grow, year after year. It's like a big wave of good things that keeps going!

To find out more about the The Unlimited Child, you can visit their website here

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