Why The Unlimited is Your Only Choice to Protect Your Family

From taking care of you financially when someone dies to giving you cash if anyone gets hurt, this is how The Unlimited helps you protect your family – with real value and affordability.
Why is The Unlimited your best (only) choice? Because we’re always working to shift lives – to help you, your family and your community do better every day. And we do that by giving you remarkable value and affordable benefits to protect your family when you really need it because when you join The Unlimited you become a member of our family.

We protect (y)our Family
If someone in your family passes away, we share your sorrow, but most importantly we make sure you’re financially OK. We don’t want you worrying about money during this sad time of loss. It’s a time for grieving, for reflecting and maybe reconnecting with your community. And we want you to be able to focus on those important things and on other things that will bring you comfort.

This is why The Unlimited pays out cash if your loved one passes away. So you can be free of financial worries, and use that money for whatever you need to. There are no limitations placed on the payout: we’re not going to tell you how or where to spend it, you get to choose. Because you’ll know and do what’s best for your family.

We help take your stress away
If someone in your family gets hurt in an accident and has to go to hospital, we don’t want you to stress if they can’t work for a while. We don’t want you to spend all your energy worrying about medical bills and about how your family is going to cope. We want you to focus on helping your loved one to make a speedy recovery and return home to their family. Because that’s what family does! The Unlimited pays out cash for every day a member of The Unlimited Family is in hospital. And, again, you can use that money for whatever you need. It can help pay for medicine or transport for family members to visit the patient. And, if essentials are what you need, you can use it for groceries, school fees – whatever you need most in that time.

We fight for affordability and remarkable value
We also believe you should see real benefits every day – not just when someone passes or goes to hospital. Every day, because that is what The Unlimited is about – making lives better and easier daily. So, to help you we do two important things:

First, we make sure you save money. Our Family protection plans are more affordable than anyone else's because we use our business influence to get the best prices. And then we pass those savings onto you.

Second, we give you benefits you can use every day. Like double your Airtime with The Unlimited SIM – every time you top up, we give you twice the amount you pay for. Every time! And we also give you FREE bonus Airtime and Data when you buy groceries, some of your favourite fast food or go to the movies, at no cost to you. Yes, even as you’re spending, you’re earning rewards. So, you see real value every month, every day. Simply download The Unlimited App and start enjoying these benefits right now!

How can I protect my Family?
Do you want to protect your family in an emergency? Do you want to save money at the same time? And would you like to double your Data and Airtime forever? Then choose your best option from our family protection plans.

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