This is Why Next-Gen Companies Need Values and Purpose

The power to transform. How can companies make the world better? By leading with values and purpose.

Your reason for existing. More than money. And the big WHY everyone can join in. Next-gen companies need to lead with values and purpose. Because that’s the only way the whole of South Africa can move forward.

It can’t just be about the money

The traditional old-school business model of just hitting the market and taking whatever you can from whoever you can is long gone. If the recent Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we, as a nation and a species, are all dependent on each other. We’re connected at every level.

You can’t be successful if you haven’t given everyone around you the same opportunities. Holding others back (by just taking their money) robs you of the chance to see what immense value they could have contributed to your life and how you could’ve made their lives better and easier.

Simply put, businesses in South Africa can’t continue just taking people’s money, they need to do more. If you keep taking, soon there’ll be nothing left – then even your business will fail.

So giving back is not a nice option for businesses any more. It’s a must. But how do we do that? Experts say, "Lead with your values and purpose."

Your values and purpose are why your business exists

If you take away the money, what’s left of your business? The recent Covid-19 pandemic was the best possible example of this. When SA went into full lockdown, were you still able to provide value to people through your business? If yes, then your business is living its values. If not, you have to ask yourself why you’re in business in the first place.

The Unlimited was still providing value even throughout lockdown. Here’s how:

The Unlimited’s purpose

Our purpose is to transform South Africa. To shift lives for the better. To make your lives easier. We do that by offering more affordable products that give you more value. You still got double your Data when you recharged with The Unlimited SIM throughout the lockdown. You still got all your cover benefits.

And we continued supporting entrepreneurs to make sure they didn’t lose business and income. We invested in new tech that we gave to other companies who work with us, so that they could let their employees work from home during the lockdown. This way no one had to lose any pay.

The Unlimited’s values

Passion. Play. Love. Real. Ownership. Discipline. Restless. These are The Unlimited’s values. And we live them every day in the way we serve you, our valued customers. You are our Family and we are passionate about family. Family binds us and motivates us to always fight to ensure our Family leads an unlimited life. How else can we do that other than by being real and loving? How else can we get these amazing deals if we don’t work restlessly and with the discipline to find ways to give better value?

How we lead with our values and purpose

Apart from our products and investing in entrepreneurs, The Unlimited looks beyond to the communities around us. This is why we invest in Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres through The Unlimited Child. We believe that if we invest in children now by equipping them with the skills, knowledge and confidence, they’ll be able to do better for themselves one day when they grow up. That is thinking for the future.

Don’t you think every company should be doing that? We do! So we will continue to live out our values and purpose as we help lead South Africa to a brighter, better future.

When you join The Unlimited Family, you become a part of all of these great initiatives that really help build South Africa and shift lives. So, if you haven’t yet, discover all the reasons why you should join The Unlimited.

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