This is How The Unlimited Leads Through Value and Values

7 values, 7 examples of how we use them every day. Plus how we constantly add value to lives with our products and services – this is leading through value and values.
Many companies display their values, mission and vision statements on a poster on the office wall. But how many of them really live out those promises? What’s the balance between creating value and values? Getting that balance right is the key to business success and it’s what The Unlimited is striving to do each and every day.

Passion. Play. Love. Real. Ownership. Discipline. Restless. These are The Unlimited’s values. And we live them to create value for our Family every day in every way possible.

How we live our values every day

We really want to shift lives for the better. We want every South African to experience a little better, every day. We want everyone to have an easier life. And that’s why we devote ourselves fully to our family – to providing better value products and services that enable us to do good.

We are constantly evolving – trying new things, coming up with new ways to get better. It’s this very devotion to play that helps us come up with real value solutions and deals, the ones that improve your life.

We genuinely want the best for our Unlimited Family – that’s all our customers, staff, suppliers and the business itself. We want every South African to have a brighter, better future. That’s why we invest in educating young children through The Unlimited Child and why we also invest in our country’s economy. We genuinely love people – our Family and our country. And our love extends to making everyone’s life better and easier. And, like Family we are always here to help in a crisis.

We never hide behind words or empty promises, and we never lie. We are Real. We live our values in everything we do. We’ll always tell the truth. And we’ll always say it as simply as possible. And, when we do get things wrong, we apologise and fix it immediately.

We encourage people to be their best by giving them ownership over what they do. Our entire career path is built around ownership. When someone works for us, this is how their career goes – they start training, work their way up, and then we help them start their own business. So everyone at The Unlimited has the opportunity to eventually become an owner.

When we make a promise, we mean it and we follow through on it. How? By staying dedicated and focused on it. We offer essential products with real benefits that still stick to all the laws and regulations because we are disciplined when we create them. That’s what makes our products real and adds value.

We never stop working to create value for our Family. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, we kept innovating. We introduced new FREE cover for essential workers when travelling to and from work because we value the wonderful service they are giving our country and we want to give them something of value in return. And we’ll keep looking for new ways to make things better and your lives easier.

When it comes to value, we believe it’s the only way to lead and live. By living our values every day we create value for you and keep you and your family moving forward to a brighter, better future.

If you want to be part of a Family that works hard to make things better, then join The Unlimited, sign up for one of our products right now!

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