This is How The Unlimited is Building a Business for the Future

Creating value, inspiring leaders and doing better – here are 5 ways we’re building a business for the future.
Products that help people. Supporting new businesses. And helping people grow. We at The Unlimited are building a business for the future. We want to create a sustainable company that will be here for your and our children’s children. And for that, we need to work a little differently.

Here’s how we’re creating something special:

5 Ways we’re building a business for the future

We create real value that shifts lives
A business can only grow if it helps its customers grow too. So, double Data and unique rewards aren’t just nice things to have – they’re our way of helping you do better. By giving you double the value or rewarding you for doing what you normally do, we make your life a little easier and better. So, now you can focus on the important things and get ahead in life.

We want to shift lives, and that only works if what we do makes your life better. So, we’ll keep working to make things better.

We support new businesses
We believe in growing people to be their best. We want our employees to take ownership of their career path. This is why we invest in them. They join our sales team, we mentor and train them, they progress to a leadership position, and then we assist them to start their own business. We are proud of our success rate in getting many new businesses off the ground, some of which have gone on to do big things, like Sydwell Khoza.

We keep up with the latest technology
When Covid-19 hit and the country went into lockdown, we immediately invested in new technology to make it easier (and safer) for our employees to work from home. We continue to provide them with the tech support they need so they can carry on doing so. We also continue to invest in new technology to make our day-to-day operations more efficient and to give you a better customer experience.

We grow leaders from inside our company
We believe in building a better future for all. Many of tomorrow’s business leaders will come from within The Unlimited. Through our training and mentorship programmes, we prepare and support employees to have both the skills and the confidence to start their own business.

We keep innovating
We are values-driven and continue to find innovative ways to add value to The Unlimited Family and to improve their life. Today, most people rely on data; and giving them double Data really adds value to their lives. But, in a fast-changing world, tomorrow will be different.

The Unlimited is ever-evolving, adapting and changing. So, when tomorrow comes, we’ll find the value in that new thing and offer it. Because we’re not about the deal itself, but about the value, and, of course, about making your life better.

Do you want to be part of a values-driven, innovative company that invests in the future? Do you want to benefit from real-value offers? Then join The Unlimited Family and sign up for one of our remarkable products!

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