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You’ve Lost a Loved One – Here’s How to Claim

A step-by-step guide on how to make a claim with The Unlimited when someone passes away.

How to claim. What documents you need. And what to expect. If you’ve lost a loved one, we’re so sorry. And we really want to help in these sad times. That’s why we’re always available if you need to talk to one of us – phone 0861 990 000.

As part of The Unlimited Family, we share your sorrow and really don’t want you to worry about money at this trying time. So, if your loved one is covered with a policy from The Unlimited, here’s everything you need to know about how to claim and get the cash paid out to you.

You will get cash paid out to you

Here’s where the difference (and added value) is. Your policy with The Unlimited is NOT funeral cover. This means we don’t pay money to a funeral parlour. We pay it straight to you for you to use for any expenses. That means there are a few extra steps to take.

When you claim, your documents and claim form go to an assessor (a professional who reviews all your claim documents and might phone you to ask you questions). Once the assessor has approved your claim, the death benefit will be paid to you, in cash, within 24 hours. Real financial help when you need it most. Just remember, the assessor needs to approve the claim first, so it might take a short while before they can pay out.

Either way, you will get paid out in cash once the claim is approved. You can use the money for whatever you need.

How you can help us approve your claim as fast as possible

Now, as you know, your claim is paid out 24 hours after the claim is approved – not 24 hours after the person dies. To help you get your claim approved as fast as possible, please read through the following information on how to claim and follow the instructions carefully.

The faster you can get all the right information to us, the faster we can assess your claim. And the sooner you’ll receive the cash to help you through a difficult time.

How to claim

Step 1: Phone 0861 990 000

Please call us on 0861 990 000. Have your policy or ID number ready – so we can easily match you up with your policy.

When you phone in to claim, we will log your claim so that the claims process can start!

1) Remember, there are waiting periods applicable as per your policy for death from natural causes. This means that you must have met the waiting period conditions before the benefit can be applied for and the cash paid out.

2) Also remember that pre-existing conditions are not covered (this is a mental or physical condition that you had before the start date of the policy – for example, if you had a heart condition and it causes a heart attack). We can’t pay out a death benefit if the deceased’s death was due to an existing condition.

Step 2: You need these documents to claim

When you make a claim, you need to complete a claim form. We will send you the claim forms to fill out, either by email or by SMS (with a link to the form). Please check that all the important documents below are included when you submit your claim form. This will make the claim process as quick as possible:

  • A completed claim form (the form we sent you to complete).
  • A certified copy of the deceased’s ID.
  • A certified copy of the death certificate.
  • If you are claiming for your spouse – a copy of the marriage certificate.
  • A copy of your ID (the person who is making the claim).
  • A copy of the notification of death form completed by a doctor (this is known as a DHA-1663/DHA-1680 form).
  • A letter of executorship/authority if the benefit is payable to an estate, you will get this from the Master of the Court.
  • If it was an accidental death, we need copies of the police or motor vehicle accident reports, and/or hospital records.
  • If you are not the spouse of the deceased – we need an affidavit from you (the person claiming) saying that you are the deceased’s sole dependant, and also another affidavit from the deceased person’s family, saying that you may receive the money.
Step 3: Submit your claim

Once you have all these documents together, there are several ways to submit your claim:

  • Email everything to
  • Fax to 086 206 4069
  • Or submit your claim online here using URUP
Step 4: Wait to hear if your claim is approved

Once you’ve submitted your claim form and all the supporting documents, an assessor will process the claim. They’ll double-check all the documents and they might even phone you to talk to you to make sure they have all the information they need. Once the assessor is happy, they will let us know and we will process your claim.

And, once your claim has been finalised, we’ll let you know right away.

Step 5: Send us a copy of your bank statement

Once your claim is approved, we need to know where to pay the money. For that, we need you to send us a certified copy of your bank statement if you are the spouse or dependant of the deceased. If you are the policyholder and making a claim for one of the insured, then we will pay the cash into the account where your debit order goes off every month within 24 hours.

Important to know

Sometimes, we might need more documents from you. If this is the case, we will definitely let you know in good time to get them. So, look out for an SMS or email from us.

Remember, we want to make things better and easier for you, so if you need any help with submitting a claim, please phone 0861 990 000 – we will help you right away.

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