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How do I apply for a position at The Unlimited?

Please click here to view what opportunities we have. If you are interested in the opportunity offered by our call centres, please send your CV to and we will get our nearest office to give you a call.

How do I sign up for a policy with The Unlimited?

You can either fill in your details here and one of our agents will contact you within 24 hours or you can give us a call on 086 199 0000.

Where can I find your offices?

We have offices all over the country but these are only Sales offices. For any Customer, our Customer Care team is just a call away! You can give us a call on 0861 990 000 or send us an email on and one of our team members will give you a call

What does it mean if I have medical emergency assistance?

When you or a member of your family that you have included on your membership, is involved in a medical emergency (a sudden, unexpected life-threatening incident that requires urgent medical attention and your transportation to a hospital) this benefit will provide transportation to a hospital by ambulance at no cost to you. It also includes other service benefits like access to a 24-hour medical advice line.

What is Roadside Medical Assistance?
Your 24-hour emergency roadside assistance includes services like towing your car when you experience a breakdown, getting fuel to you in the event that you run out, helping with a flat battery and even getting keys out of your locked vehicle.

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What does “Pre-existing condition” mean?

“Pre-existing condition” means a condition (for example, mental, physical injury and illness) which
existed prior to the original inception (start date) of your Cover or reinstatement or reissue date of
your policy and for which you have (or should have) been to a doctor for treatment. This condition
would not have a short-term cure (for example, an acute condition like a cold or flu), and needs
ongoing treatment or medicine (for example, a chronic condition like hypertension, diabetes,
cancer, heart condition, congenital or HIV/AIDS and related illnesses).
Why is it important for you to understand this term?
If you die directly or indirectly because of a pre-existing condition your claim will not be approved.
IMPORTANT: Example of death caused by pre-existing conditions affect your claim:

i. If you are being treated or should have been treated for hypertension (high blood
pressure) by a doctor BEFORE the start date of this Policy (this is a pre-existing
condition) and as a result of the High Blood pressure dies of a stroke, seven months
AFTER the start date of the Policy. The hypertension is the cause of the stroke. The
Insurer can reject the claim.
ii. The insured person is treated or should have been treated by a doctor for diabetes
BEFORE the Start Date of this Policy (this is a pre-existing condition) and dies of heart
disease nine months AFTER the start date of the Policy. The diabetes is a cause of
the heart disease. The Insurer can reject the claim.

These are not the only examples they are included to illustrate and explain how pre-existing
condition are applied in the policy.

What does “waiting period” mean?

Waiting period” means the period specified in this Policy during which we need to collect a
specified number of successful fees from you before you are entitled to claim under the Policy,
calculated from the Start Date.
Why is it important for you to understand this term:
If there is a waiting period in your policy and you have not completed the waiting period then you
will not be able to claim for that benefit. It is also important to know that if you miss a monthly
payment the waiting periods start again.
IMPORTANT: Example of a waiting period
If you have a policy that has a death cover benefit you will need to make six successful monthly
payments in a row before you can claim. This means if a person covered on this benefit dies of
natural causes in the first 6 months of this policy the claim will not be approved.



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The Unlimited abides strictly by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act of 2002


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