Accident Cash Claim

We’re terribly sorry for everything you’re going through and hope that you have fully recovered. We want to help you get your claim paid as easily and quickly as possible.

Please take the time to read through the following steps carefully. It’s important that you get all your supporting documents ready before calling to start your claim.

Step 1: Download your claim form here

Step 2: You’ll need these supporting documents for your Accident Cash claim:

For admission in a Private Hospital:

        • A Copy of the FULL Hospital Statement (Reflects date and time of admission, ICD Codes, medication administered, and procedures performed).
For admission in a Government Hospital:
        • A copy of the Nursing Notes / Account Statement and Discharge Summary. (Reflects date and time of admission, ICD Codes, medication administered, and procedures performed).
    • A certified copy of your ID (Main member)
    • A certified copy of the patients ID (Your spouse, child or dependant).
    • Confirmation of your bank details (Full Name, Bank Name, Account Number and Branch Code).
    • A copy of the Police or Incident Report including the case number.
    • An affidavit for any accident that took place at home. (You can get this at your local Police Station).
    • In the event of a motor vehicle accident, a copy of the patient’s valid driver’s licence will be needed.

Step 3: Once you have everything ready, call us on 0861 990 000 and we can start your claim.

Remember! We need ALL your documents before we can start your claim.

If you have any other questions, need some help or want to follow up on an existing claim give us a call on 0861 990 000 and ask for our claims team. We really want to help get your claim paid quickly.  

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