The Unlimited Child

If a child does not receive effective stimulation between 0 and 7 part of their brain will wither and die.

This process is irreversible and means their potential in life is severely stunted. In South Africa this applies to over 6 million children – if they are to have a future, immediate intervention is needed.

the unlimited child is a proactive Section 21 NPO that addresses this problem by supplying créches with educational toys and training for care-givers. Launched in 2008, the organisation has reached over 501 crèches and over 48 500 children. It has also trained 1500 care-givers.

the unlimited child aims to reach 25 000 crèches throughout South Africa but additional funding and duplication of the model is required.

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Recent News
The Unlimited Child South Pole Expedition succeeds! The team walked 111km in temperatures of -40C to raise awareness for early childhood development.  Visit the blog to read more..