Auto Care

Auto Care

Our passion. Your car. Your vehicle is one of the most important investments you will ever make, so isn’t it good to know you can now afford cover that keeps it looking as good as the day you bought it, with Auto Care.

Now you can rest assured that you’re covered for all those nicks, dents and scratches without the worry of excess costs of automotive repair.

NOW you can keep your car in showroom condition with these great Auto Care benefits:


Great Features

  • No excess charges when you claim
  • We come to your home or work
  • We repair pre existing damages
  • PLUS you can call us as often as once per month
  • FREE wash and vacuum on each call out

All this for only R119.99 per month

Exterior Benefits

We cover all pre-existing scratches and dents on your auto body including:

  • Removal of scratches up to 150mm
  • Stone chips up to 5mm
  • Windscreen chips up to 16mm
  • Windscreen cracks up to 100mm
  • Tar removal
  • PLUS paintless dent removal up to 30mm

T/C's made easy

We've distilled the crucial elements of the Terms & Conditions for Auto Care.

  • You may claim for your damages after your second successful debit.
  • If your debit is unsuccessful you are not covered
  • A windscreen crack up to 100mm is considered repairable.
  • A windscreen chip up to 16mm is considered repairable.
  • Surface scratches that do not exceed the top coat of the vehicles paintwork up to 150mm are considered repairable by means of brush touch.
  • Small surface scratches can be removed by polishing the area.
  • Hail damage is not covered..
  • Dents where paint work is damaged are not repairable - panel beating is advised.