The Unlimited has come out tops in the 2013 Deloitte Best Company to Work for survey taking three of the top honours at the awards ceremony held on Thursday, 3rd October.

Based on the survey results, The Unlimited was voted by its employees as the Best Company to Work for in Financial Services – Insurance, Best Small Company to Work for in South Africa as well as Best Small Company to Work for in Southern Africa. It was the only company in the 2013 survey to take home three awards.

113 companies participated in the 2013 survey overall, with 33 small companies taking part and nine companies in the financial services sector being surveyed.

Steph Bester, CEO of The Unlimited, is ecstatic with the results. He says that the company's core business strategy is to build leaders, which enables their people to develop beyond their furthest expectations. "As a business we have true purpose and this necessitates stretching goals. We know that we will only be able to fulfill these goals if we have people who are empowered, who have the ability to tap into their potential, who are prepared to unlock their very best for both themselves and for others. Our people have therefore always come first. We look after them, we believe in them, and we want to see them succeed."

"We participated in the Deloitte Best Company to Work for survey because we wanted to get a credible, impartial view of what is in the hearts and minds of our people" says Bester. "The results speak for themselves. Our employees are committed to our vision and values and they are dedicated to making a difference to the future of South Africa."

An interesting finding from the recent Adcorp Holdings' Staffing Industry Employment Index is that a key focus of corporate South Africa is the retention of skilled professionals. Critical skills shortages mean that companies are willing to pay a premium to acquire and retain these skills.

"It's no secret that this skills shortage is especially prevalent in the financial services industry. Recruiting the right talent for our business is an on-going quest," he says. "At The Unlimited, we believe that it is just as important to appoint employees with the right skills set for the role as it is to choose people who are going to fit with our values-driven culture."

The Unlimited does not provide jobs. Instead, it offers its people opportunities through a new approach to business and thinking about the world – all of which is coupled with an integrated lifestyle.

For example, through The Unlimited Lifestyle programme, the company offers a range of benefits and incentives to employees, including an annual profit share scheme, a wellness programme including exercise classes on site and a 24/7 counselling service. Bicycles are also available, should their people wish to cycle to the shops or to a meeting. In fact, everyone in the business has set themselves a wellness goal that's really going to be a stretch. Combined with e-mail free and meeting-free Wednesdays, it's clearly evident why The Unlimited are in a league of their own.

"We spend so much of our life at work. We understand this, so we've gone all out to create a great experience that is both stimulating and rewarding," Bester says. "It is great to know that our employees really value this. We do not take their vote of confidence for granted, and we'll never stop evolving our commitment to our people and their leadership development."

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