November 2014

Many have seen our Brand, have been intrigued by our culture and different approach to business, but are still asking the very relevant question: What do we do?

Are we an insurance business? Are we a financial services company? Are we in the health industry? All of the above would be right but not 100% accurate.

We are a Direct Marketing business. We market products predominantly within the financial services industry directly to the public. Today we have just short of 1 000 individuals nationwide who market either though face to face or telesales directly to the consumer.

Historically the Direct Marketing industry has been tainted by some companies that were only interested in their own gain and didn’t care too much about the customer. We are proud to say that we have been able to underpin this way of marketing with a very strong set of values and are able to treat potential customers in a respectful manner whilst marketing products that bring great value.

Within the South African context of unemployment the Direct Marketing industry brings much needed opportunity and skills development especially to the youth of our country.