March 2013

Customer care isn't just lip service in our business. That's why, when we make mistakes, we will do everything to fix the problem and use the lesson to improve our service. So when a customer feels they have to take their issue to a consumer watchdog such as Wendy Knowler, we are downright ashamed. This was the case with Mr Naiker, who approached Wendy as he could not get to the bottom of our debits on his account. A thorough investigation showed that Mr Naiker had never agreed to buy the product, but our agent had put the policy through anyway. This was unacceptable as there are no excuses for dishonesty. Not only do we dismiss staff immediately from our employment when this happens, we also follow this through by opening a criminal case and taking legal action so they cannot do the same thing at the next company they work for. We were completely responsible for what happened to Mr Naiker and we refunded him in full. We have taken some serious lessons from Mr Naiker's experience and now, if our customer care team gets a similar call, we jump.