June 2014

Today our backs are up! We've just got wind of a scam that's being run in Johannesburg in which fraudsters are claiming they are fundraising for The Unlimited Child. It makes our blood boil that these unscrupulous individuals are using not only our name but also early childhood development to line their own pockets.

We are taking this very seriously and have already notified the police. Together, we have launched a full investigation and should any of the culprits be caught, we will bring the full force of the law against them.

The Unlimited founded and provides funding for The Unlimited Child as we believe that this organisation is changing the future for our nation. By providing educational toys, caregiver training and ongoing support, The Unlimited Child enables crèches in underprivileged areas to give children the stimulation they need to achieve their full potential in life.

The fact that a bunch of fraudsters are using the plight of children to their own benefit is incomprehensible and unforgivable. So if you hear of or see anyone with these fundraising forms, give them a piece of your mind and then get hold of us ASAP.

The Unlimited Child Fraud Pic