Back by Popular Demand

The Unlimited Dusi, the world’s biggest 3 day canoe marathon and one of South Africa’s top five sporting events, is an electrifying race that’s kept audiences on the edge of their seats for over 60 years. A mix of rapids, flat water sprints, punishing portages and temperatures that exceed 40°C, the race chases through the Valley of a Thousand Hills from Pietermaritzburg to Durban.
Extreme in its nature, the event is a great fit for The Unlimited as it’s about ordinary people setting new challenges and pushing themselves to achieve extraordinary results – which speaks directly to our business ethos and brand.
The Unlimited Dusi is also a fabulous opportunity to raise awareness for our social responsibility programme, The Unlimited Child. We use this initiative to live our passion for early childhood development and through the delivery of educational toys and caregiver training, we positively impact the future of our country.