Antarctica is the most unforgiving place on our planet. For some, it is also the ultimate challenge and that’s why we put our name behind the Twin Peaks Expedition. The extreme nature of the Expedition was a great fit for our business as it involved ordinary people setting new challenges and pushing themselves to achieve extraordinary results.

Made up of five daring South African’s, The Unlimited Twin Peaks Expedition team set themselves the daunting challenge of climbing two peaks in Antarctica. In January 2015, the team tackled Mount Vinson – the most remote and coldest of the world-renowned Seven Summits – then took on a virgin peak in Antarctica’s Ellsworth Mountains.

Steph Bester, CEO of The Unlimited explains: “The Unlimited Twin Peaks Expedition is extreme enough for us to put our name to – we believe in doing the extraordinary and these adventurers have done just that as they pushed themselves beyond the limits of ordinary human endurance.”

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