You can change the future of South Africa

The potential our country holds is astonishing. But what it lacks is direction and leadership.

When you buy The Ultimate Companion for Birding in Southern Africa, you can change the life of a child forever. Through The Unlimited Child, 100% of the profits from this book will be used to get educational toys into underprivileged crèches throughout South Africa. Specially designed to give children the stimulation they need to achieve their potential in life, you will be helping us to develop the leaders of tomorrow.

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If that's not enough, here are more reasons you should get this remarkable
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  • It's the most powerfully visual bird book ever for southern Africa
  • It features over 1 400 spectacular photographs covering all 960 species of birds recorded
  • There's fascinating descriptions from 18 top bird authorities who reveal their personal
    observations and knowledge in an easy to read style

"The most spectacular bird book
ever published in South Africa."

Mark Anderson, CEO Birdlife South Africa